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Tutorial: Step by Step

First executable

This example shows a simple way to solve a FE Model created in ANSYS. This "Winschhebel" is modeled in ANSYS 9.0 and the FE info are exported as db-file. The way to set up a first calculation is described here. The MyFELyXApp.cpp file is also available.

Complex postprocessing

This second exercise is similar to the first. But the postprocessing is more complicated. Functions evaluate mass, introduce loadcases, evaluate torsional stiffness and max. equivalent stress are included in this executable. The motivation for this special executable was to minimize the weight of a motorbike frame by a given torsional stiffness and max. equivalent stress. Download the manual and the accordant files are here.


Build a FE Model completely in FELyX

This manual describes how to build a complete FE model in FELyX, solve it and write results in a text file. A function is implemented which creates a vector of nodes and elements. Afterwards the boundary conditions are set and the problem is solved. Download the manual and the accordant files are here.


Use a parser to import FE Model

The same simple plane FE Model is solved. The difference is that the model is parsed from a text file with the boost spirit library. Here are the accordant files: Manual and source file