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5th October 2006

New finite element: 3 and 4 node shell element

  • The element library is extended by a 3 and 4 node shell element (compare with ANSYS element type Shell181). A reduced integration scheme is used to avoid shear locking
  • Transverse shear stresses for the finite shell elements are implemented. This post process method is based on first order shear deformation theory

3rd July 2006

Finite solid element: New functions

  • Mass calculation
  • Enhanced strain and stress calculation

Other new features:

  • Orthotropic material is implemented
  • Some bugs are fixed


A finite element mesh which is generated in FELyX. This mesh is used for an onsert calculation. The nodes are generated with b-splines. A 20 node finite solid element (solid186 in ansys) is used.

15th Mai 2006

New developer:

René Arbter: Excellent skills in LCM simulation and process optimization

10th Mai 2006

New developers:

Gion Andrea Barandun: Excellent skills in LCM simulation and optimization

David Keller: Excellent skills in optimization, graph theory and finite 'cake' elements

Thank them for their help advancing FELyX.

9th Nov 2005

FELyX Compiles with gcc 3.4x / 4.x

  • FELyX has been updated to work smoothly with GCC 3.4.X and GCC 4.X compiler series.  This includes the inclusion of MTL version 2.1.2-22 as well as a lot of minor code fixes. 
  • Right now the updated version is available via CVS checkout, a new release will follow later on.
14th June 2005

New Release FELyX 0.4

4th June 2005

Failure criteria are implemented for the shell elements

  • Tsai - Hill: evalTsaiHillCriteria
  • Tsai - Wu: evalTsaiWuCriteria
  • Hashin: evalHashinCriteria

Maximum failure criteria: EvalMaxFailureCriteria( string, const PtrVector<StructElement*>& Elements ) with the string

  • "MaximumStress"
  • "Tsai - Hill"
  • "Tsai - Wu"
  • "Hashin"

The new functions for global and local stress or strain calculation for the integration points are

  • In global coordinates: EvalStrainsAtIntPoints, EvalStressesAtIntPoints
  • In element coordinats: evalElementDirectionStrains, evalElementDirectionStresses
  • In material direction 123: evalMaterialDirectionStrains, evalMaterialDirectionStresses