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FELyX contains a doxygen documentation. This documentation can be built with the shell command: doxygen Doxyfile or in KDevelop under Build - Build API Documentation

The html documentation is built in the /path/felyx/doc/html folder

Tutorial and Examples

Manual and source code

Winschhebel Manual and Source File

1'985 KB
  Motorbike Frame Manual and Source File 250 KB
  Build your own FE Model completely in FELyX 40 KB
  Use a parser to import a FE Model 50 KB


From by linCVS

  FELyX Source Code 7'140 KB

FELyX Publications

FELyX Paper: Concept, Feature, Example 396 KB
  FELyX Overview 797 KB
  Eigenfrequency with FELyX (in German) 844 KB


Publications with FELyX applications

Frame Optimization of a Motorbike 395 KB
  Paper: Keel Optimization 1'115 KB