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Future Releases

FELyX is a FE Code which is still advanced. The research in the group Structure Technologies or EVEN AG in the field of structural optimization, smart structures, LCM or finite element bring out new features. These features will also be implemented in FELyX.

The next implemented topics will be:

  • Non-linear solver: Large displacements occur in structural analysis for smart structures thus a non-linear solver is essential
  • Navier Stokes equations: The Navier Stokes equations are implemented to get better results in LCM process simulations
  • Bendsoe Object: The Bensoe Object is a topology optimization tool and is a part of the Smart Structure field
  • New shell element: Fiber reinforced material are used more and more and therefore a better finite shell element will be implemented
  • A sensor concept for structural postprocessing will be included